Nigerian singer Davido seems to have quickly moved on from the death of his friend Tagbo, If you’re wondering where the singer is, let me tell you that he has travelled out of the Country.

But this is no ordinary sleep or something, this is human death we’re talking about, and considering the fact that he called him his bro, meaning they were more than just friends, Fans were thinking he’d at least take some time out to mourn him..

But as you’re reading this,Davido is out of the country already;he’s currently in South Africa and seems happy and unbothered about Tagbo.

And now fans are not happy with him cos he seems to have put the case behind him. He shared a photo of him with Grammy Award winning Star Angelique Kidjo whom he met yesterday in South Africa, and this is not going down well with his fans, And judging from the photo he seems really happy.

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