Electoral Offences Commission: Bill Scales 2nd Reading In Senate

Electoral Offences Commission: Bill Scales 2nd Reading In Senate

Senate moved a step further on Wednesday to pass a bill for an Act which seeks to establish National Electoral Offices Commission.

In his lead debate, Senator Abubakar Kyari said Nigeria is in urgent needs of a special commission to prosecute electoral crimes which he said have led to avoidable waste of lives and resources.

Kyari said electoral crimes have been the cause of most civil disturbance which have strained relations and responsible for loss of confidence in the electoral system and high incidence of voter apathy.

He noted that the open failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to prosecute electoral offenders has encouraged all manners of electoral crimes ranging from ballot box snatching to false declaration of election results.

The answer to which he said lies in a Commission charged with the responsibility to prosecute offenders.

The idea of having a special Electoral Commission for the prosecution of election offenders is not entirely new.

It was one of the recommendations of Justice Mohammad Uwais Committee on Electoral Reform set up in 2007 by President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

If eventually established, Nigeria would then join a proud league of countries like Malaysia, United Kingdom, NEPAL, Canada, Philippines and Kenya who have passed similar laws.

What Nigeria proposes comes in 7 parts with 48 Clauses.

In his contribution, Deputy Minority Leader, Emmanuel Bwacha (Taraba South) believes the commission is what Nigeria needs to cure electoral crimes in an era of “Do or Die” politics.

Senator Sani Shehu welcomes the establishment of electoral crimes commission which he said would sanitize the electoral process, adding that without it Nigeria cannot successfully have a democracy with free and fair elections.

Others like Senator Kabiru Gaya (Kano South and Senate President, Bukola Saraki back the bill.

The bill is referred to Committee on INEC and Judiciary.

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