US Pastor Charges Nigerian Church Leaders Not To Mislead Members

US Pastor Charges Nigerian Church Leaders Not To Mislead Members

Pastor Monica Pinnock, Founder of Rehoboth Christian Church, Atlanta USA, has advised Nigerian Church leaders not to mislead their members but lead them in the path of righteousness, warning that severe punishment awaits leaders who give wrong directions.

The missionary gave this piece of advice when she visited Nigeria on a missionary tour and two days leadership summit hosted by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Mosan Okunola, Local Council Development Area (LCDA).

Describing the characteristics of a true leader, she highlighted holiness, humility, honesty, cheerfulness, thoughtfulness, ability to teach, fairness and justice as part of the necessities.

Affirming that leaders are vessels through which God uses to reach his people, he beckoned on church members to avoid rebelling against their leaders while charging leaders not to think high of themselves.

“I want to encourage them to preach the truth to tell the people about the love of Jesus Christ, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and let the people of Christ know that without Christ there is no other way. Jesus Christ is the way. Nigerian leaders should turn the people’s heart to Christ and let them understand that there is only one God.

“They should let the people look to Christ more than they look to us and let them turn to Jesus for all their needs. If the nations are led by unrighteous men the nation will perish. What Nigeria and all nations need at this time is to pray for God to raise righteous men to lead the people,”.

On the Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community endorsed by the American government, she called Christians to continue to show them love but not support their unbiblical practices.

“I am a Christian, I thank God they are alive, we are not asked to condemn but to preach the true gospel of Christ. Jesus did not create people as gays, lesbians, homosexuals or transgender. These are devices of the enemy. As a Christian who believes in the word of God, I do not believe in homosexuality. Until people come to Christ and even after they come to Christ, we will still show mercy and compassion,” the missionary added.

On her part, Dr. El Miriam Akinwande, Co-ordinator, CAN, Mosan Okunola, LCDA appreciated the guest minister for taking out time to refresh the leaders on the nitty-gritty of what it takes to be a kingdom leader.


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