Unbelievable! How Evil People Stalked And Almost Poured Acid On Esabod In London

Unbelievable! How Evil People Stalked And Almost Poured Acid On Esabod In London

In what looks like a scene from a Nollywood movie location,the dirty gangs waging war against “Omo Ewe” worldwide and its leadership, Esther Aboderin aka Esabod did their worst yesterday evening as she was attacked in the premises a posh hotel in London (around Stanstead).

We gathered Esabod was walking into the hotel she checked into when she arrived in London from her base in Dublin,the Republic of Ireland.

Reports also have it that Esabod was just coming into the swimming pool area of the hotel where she’d been lodging since Friday when she entered England when she “sensed” that some people weere following her around.Apparently,these evil perpetrators had been lurking around the hotel premises before they made for her in a bid to physically attack her.

Sources say they were planning to attack her with acid when the quick-thinking woman retreated to a safe area within the hotel premises and quickly called British Police and other security agencies to alert them of the plan.It was the British Police who eventually escorted her out of the hotel to a safe(but undisclosed) location where she wrote her incident report.

As as the time of writing this story, we learnt the perpetrators of the evil act are still at large but Esaabod and many believe it’s the camp of those enemies of progress of all “Omo Ewe”
worldwide that are behind the attempted attack on Esabod.Anyway, trust the action woman(Esabod) herself – she gave it to them during her live show yesterday and we believe those responsible will live to regret their actions.

The video they released online attests to the fact that they had been stalking her around since friday when she checked into the hotel.It’s still a developing story,but we promise to keep you up to speed as events unfold.

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