Twelve Shots Fired At Floyd Mayweather’s Entourage

Twelve Shots Fired At Floyd Mayweather’s Entourage

  1. The shooter who ambushed Floyd Mayweather’s entourage in Atlanta fired at least 12 shots  with 8 bullets striking the car carrying Floyd’s bodyguards.

Floyd’s bodyguard Greg La Rosa was struck in the leg, but now it’s been revealed there were 6 other people in the car and it’s a miracle no one else was hit.

You can see the bullet holes all over the vehicle in the photos above.  One on the hood and several along the side.

Police recovered 12 shell casings at the crime scene located right next to the hotel where Floyd was staying.

However, Floyd was in another vehicle which had just entered the valet area of the hotel when the shots rang out.

So far, cops have made no arrests. As for Greg, he’s back home and recovering.

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