Reasons Why Daredevil “Polo Dee” May Never Repent From Her Bad Ways!

Reasons Why Daredevil “Polo Dee” May Never Repent From Her Bad Ways!

We all hear repent ye people for the Kingdom of God is at hand, but it appears one person in the United Kingdom has already sold her heart to the devil and may never repent from her evil ways.

The evil men do lives after them, but according to what City News have gathered from the streets of the UK in recent times, badass Dorcas Adeyinka aka Polo Devil or Polo D is what many would like to call devil’s incarnate going by her past antecedents.

The list of her victims in the distant and recent past is endless and it’s growing by the day as the undisputed “Esu of London” is riding her on the wings of evil machinations and daredevil antics which has made her popular all over the UK.

According to reports, Polo D who recently pulled another fast one when she connived with Soji Olowoyo to swindle people of their hard-earned pounds sterling they dolled out for charity is an household name when it comes to painting people black.

The Nigerian community in the UK has indeed had enough of her evil deeds but it does appear Dorcas is made for evil or the other way round.

From the way she dealt with Yetunde Ishola,Ajoke Omole,Amina Kadi and (lately) Tope and a whole lot of others, one can safely conclude that she’s always “beefing” ladies who are prettier and more successful than her.Could it be because she hasn’t got a life.

According to a number of people who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, Dorcas is most likely under a curse as she has teportedly stepped on many toes in the past…from slapping an aged woman in Camberwell to slapping her own mum.We also have it on good authority that a group of people actually carried a sacrifice in Naija in order to make her lose her head.

Another report says her family is always in the news for the wrong reasons as his own brother was allegedly lynched for armed robbery in Iwo road, Ibadan some years back but that daredevil Dorcas just shrugged it off as if nothing happen – so callous a lady!

At the moment, we gathered she’s vowed to completely destroy Tope for no reason but the only advice we can give this evil genius is “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. Nemesis will sure come for you in no too distant future.

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