Osun 2018: Enough is Enough! By Taiwo Adetunji

Osun 2018: Enough is Enough! By Taiwo Adetunji

We cannot continue to gamble with our State by leaving it in the hands of incompetent people and those who have been a part of the problem.

No light, no water, no food, no money, no salary, no success stories. Our state is not building, not nurturing and not motivating her people. Our retirees and workers have become destitutes. There is a pervasive economic problem.

Should we continue to vote dishonest people? No way! We are tired of recycling and must stop all the evils of politicking and corruption that is being celebrated in our beloved State.

Cry no more – our problem solver has surfaced. The Prince from the legacy of service is here.

Prince (Dr.) Ayoade Adewopo (“Ayombo”) is capable, experienced and committed to the Osun Restoration Project.

Prince Ayoade has come to put an end to our woes. He has come to put a permanent smile on our faces.

Ayombo will provide us with opportunities and he will motivate us to overcome our problems.

It is time to dream big, build our own success stories and put actions to work, by voting our very own amiable son Prince (Dr.) Ayoade Adewopo.

Ayoade Adewopo is our hope for a better Osun; he is the face and representative of the rebranded and restored Osun which we are about to unravel.

Together, we will build a better Osun.

Let the State of the Living Spring live again.

Osun, Ayombo o!

– Taiwo (Eda) Adetunji writes from Ife South LG.


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