Nigerian Politicians Lack The Willpower To Leverage Agric Potentials Using Sustainable Plans- Jesse Adeniji

Nigerian Politicians Lack The Willpower To Leverage Agric Potentials Using Sustainable Plans- Jesse Adeniji

When the muppets come knocking on your doors, with the promise of ‘boosting agriculture’…


There are many Nigerians and foreigners interested in agricultural farming without the funds for acquiring large farming lands.

It’s the job of governments to look at the land resource and PLAN designated areas for different industrial endeavours.

This is why you have Town Planning departments in government offices! But like everything else, they now merely exist to collect bribes and not be bothered with the actual job of planning.

There are thousands of farmers in the UK without land who are feeding the nation and sustaining industries.

Governments work with private agricultural farm owners and the reservation lands for the country to accommodate these landless farmers who g on to build profitable businesses.

Off the back of these farmers, working on shared farmlands, grows another layer of farm equipment manufacturers who cater for the farms.

That means you can provide jobs at different levels.

In Innovation terms, for which i am interested, having a rigid national land use/management plan guarantees that INVESTORS-LOCAL AND FOREIGN, can be assured that there is a factor of production they should not have to worry about.

Because these designated areas are known and planned, building infrastructure around it.

In terms of funding, it’s easier for banks to fund the lean mean machines small-holder farms are.

Much more important, these small farm-holders are able to INNOVATE faster than the big,, unwieldy farms tied to equally unyielding contracts.

For instance, the greener farm practices like free range production of eggs, beef and produce, is better achieved with small farm holders.

And right across the world, meat, eggs and plant produce from these sort of farms have always commanded high prices as more and more people are tilting towards the consumption of ethical and healthier farm produce.

These small farm holders, because of the exigencies of surviving in the trade which is rigged against them, have often become the connoisseurs of the forgotten animal species local to the area they are farming in some cases, or introducing new species which has survived similar environments in other places.

Give or take, introducing new ideas is so much faster and easier in small spaces instead of big, settled operations.

In terms of the ecosystem too, it means that there is alternatives for the consumers in the market place.

These are the sorts of questions i remembered asking the handlers of “Baba Hafsa” when he came to London for propaganda hype after his election as governor of Osun state.

This was a man who wanted agricultural innovation to power a state well suited for it. But what did he do? He read a few Socialist books, visited a few farms in Europe, a part of the world not suited to his own backyard, and appointed a few old hands from the agri-business industry he probably didn’t even listened to.

What was the result, disaster.

He will be leaving that state, just like the other governors as well, in a parlous financial and social flux.

And all of these is down to the reticence of the stupidity of the people in ASKING for HOW the promises given would be ACHIEVED.

When they come calling, begin to ask RELEVANT question instead of leaving the debates in the hands of a bought media.

One area we are already lagging behind and have not started is the introduction of Innovation Hubs in government offices in the developed world 20 years ago.

No developmental plan is left to one messiah to plan and deliver! These politicians are not gods and geniuses. No.

At best they got there because they could run the gauntlet of the murky and seedy political system we have foisted upon ourselves.


Just imagine that we have a national land management plan which is proper (forget the Land Use act which was a heist and a bad legacy Obasanjo need to apologise for – the one military era policy which has set Nigeria back at least a hundred years!), do you think the herdsmen will have a premise to invade people’s farm?

Guys, a lot of the time, laws follow the economic trail! And investments made into thee economic structures act as a barrier to arbitrariness.

And resources means ability to fight back or the assurance of a fight back.

The Fulani herdsmen problem is one organised economic system which is trying to usurp another loosely organised economic system.

Had the governors of the states involved set up Innovation Hubs to look at the issue and use the culture, design and business to ring-fence their own interests, it would be difficult for the backers of the herdsmen (the cow wealthy owners who arm these cowboys) to find such a free wandering space.

But when we send proposals to these politicians, they flip their noses and pursue their small minded knavery schemes.

You can still grow rich from a carefully planned system! And it’s better because you’d continue earning good money after you have been in power and out of it, in a clean and honest way.

– Jesse Adeniji

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