Jokotade,Stop Using Soji’s Syle To Defraud People…Esabod Warns

Jokotade,Stop Using Soji’s Syle To Defraud People…Esabod Warns

The queen of herbs in Europe,madam Esther Aboderin has once again thrown down the gauntlet to everyone using the style of Soji Olowoyo to defraud Omo Ewe at home and the diaspora just as the secret of Jokotade as been leaked to Esabod and the whole group.

Esabod who was visibly furious called out Jokotade on the show and reminded her fans that Jokotade came to Omo Ewe group through Soji Olowoyo who is a known scammer.She also reminded Omo Aye that Jokotade is actually a new-comer as far as she’s concerned.

City News gathered that the Jokotade lady is going around soliciting funds for people in Nigeria and other places and at the last count, Jokotade has ”obtained” Omo Ewe fans up to the tune of N400,000.Esabod also revealed that the lady is busy exploiting fans under the guise of buying data for Omo Ewe chats.

Also, we learnt that many fans actually sent huge sums of money to Jokotade and she(Esabod) has evidences of how she’s collected from top members of Omo Ewe who frequent Nigeria for holidays and business.She also used the chat to block many people who have sold out or who might be in the group to Olu Fogo,Mary Ogungbele,Ajala Bashiru,Olu Rector,Ashabi Omo Ibadan,Bunmi TomTom,Canat,Chord Folly and others.

Esabod also used the live-chat to throw a shade at some members of her group for their chamelonic and sly ways.She also added that she didnt send anyone to raise money on her behalf – for her birthday or any other purposes whatsoever.


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