Fuel Scarcity : APC Blames PDP For Stoking Xmas Tension As Fuel Scarcity Spoils Xmas Fun

Fuel Scarcity : APC Blames PDP For Stoking Xmas Tension As Fuel Scarcity Spoils Xmas Fun

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has appealed to Nigerians to be patient with the Federal Government on the current fuel crisis in the country.

A statement issued by Bolaji Abudullahi, the party’s spokesperson on Saturday, said the APC-led Federal Government was making efforts to address the situation.

“We empathise with Nigerians at this difficult time and appeal for patience with the Federal Government as it make efforts to improve the situation,” he said.

He added that government was making efforts to find lasting solution to the problem that had bedeviled every administration in the country.

“Our party acknowledges the difficulties Nigerians are currently experiencing as a result of the unfortunate fuel scarcity across the country; especially at this yuletide period.

“We understand that the Federal Government is doing everything to improve the situation and bring succor to the people as soon as possible,” he said.

The party had earlier downplayed the fuel crisis, saying on Friday there was “no real scarcity”.

Mr. Abdullahi said the APC also understood the unhappiness of Nigerians at the situation, which he noted was happening for the first time in the Christmas period since its administration came to power.

He further said while the APC accepted the choice of the opposition PDP to make “political gains” out of the development, it condemned its desperation to make the APC-led government look bad.

This, Mr. Abudullahi said, the PDP was doing by maliciously fabricating and circulating fictitious statements in the names of government and APC officials.

According to him, the PDP had continued to attack the APC on the basis of such fabricated statements, saying, “this is bad politics”.

The current fuel situation in the country is yet to abate as City News sources across the length and breadth of the country say there are still long queues at filling stations that are selling fuel whilst majority gas stations are without fuel.

And as there are no solution in sight from the ruling APC, many Nigerians have now resigned to fate with a larger percentage of Christian faithfuls saying the government of the day has not lived up to expectation this yuletide period.

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