Case Closed: Folashade Olatunji Runs Back To The Bosom Of Ex-Bolly Ray…Fans React!

Case Closed: Folashade Olatunji Runs Back To The Bosom Of Ex-Bolly Ray…Fans React!

Yes.Impossible is nothing according to that pay-off line from Adidas, and as the say goes “anything is possible under the sun”… Oh! Yes, you heard right, the almost three-year long ordeals of Folashade Olatunji and the social stigma she suffered when her ex Bolly Ray Odumosu repeatedly raped and aborted pregnancies for Dammy (Folashade’s niece) may have gone with the winds as Shade finally settles with rapist Bollly Ray Odunosu.

Folashade who announced the shocking reconciliation of the two warring parties via a live-chat she did from Nigeria yesterday says the storm is over and that she’s forgiven Bolly Ray.

The socialite aso used the opportunity to thank her numerous fans all over the world who stood by her throughout the period she was fighting out her case against Bolly Ray and his family.

According to her, Bolly Ray’s family sent a delegation to her family and they begged for forgiveness from her,Dammy and her entire family and being Christians they had no option but to accept.

After the live-chat, City News gathered that a larger percentage of Folashade’s fans were happy for her and praised her courage and heart of gold whilst a cross-section of fans picked holes in the decision because of what she’s suffered.

City News can also reveal that many are still in shock about the sudden turnaround of this saga which has been followed by millions if people worldwide but Folashade can’t be bothered with what people say as she says “I’m for peace”.

And what’s next for Foashade? Bolly Ray Odumosu weds Folashade Olatunji? Well, fingers crossed again as nothing is impossible under the sun.Talking about Shade’s unfinished business with Bolly Ray.

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