Yeah,It’s True! Fake London Pastor, Friday Irobo Is Allegedly Part Of AJ Team!

Yeah,It’s True! Fake London Pastor, Friday Irobo Is Allegedly Part Of AJ Team!

The veil is finally off boy! Apostle Friday Irobo has got no hiding place as a week-long investigation conducted by our team of reporters and sources in London just established the fear being expressed in certain quarters that Irobo has always been a supporter of Abike Jagaban.

According to our findings, Apostle Friday Irobo, a Mushin boy who entered London many years ago and who is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Power of God Ministry located in Brixton,London is known to many as a conman and a serial womaniser despite his “calling”.

Unknown to many Londoners and according to our ever-tight investigations, Irobo speaks with Abike almost on a daily basis and uses a fake online account to follow Abike on social media.

We also gathered that Irobo who is “a father of many nations” is blessed with about seven children from four women (two from Debbie,two from Seyi,two in Nigeria from another lady et al) still hops from one girlfriend to another even whilst claiming to be a man of God.Investigation further reveals that Teniola Orelaja whom he’s currently dating is now tired of this loquacious “man of dog ” and can’t wait to walk away from him.

And to buttress the main ” tori” of the day, let us recall that Esabod had already called out Irobo on one of her shows a couple of days ago. Actually, the sad thing about this ugly revelation is the fact that this fake man of God has many followers he’s leading astray as further findings from a very close source to Irobo reveals that this same man is given to bad ways in the real sense of the word.

Another source informed us that even his one time closest friend,one Ola Collins had to part ways with him when he discovered that our fake General Overseer is a very corrupt guy.

Before we wrap up ,as an unconfirmed source says Irobo is so dirty that he’s also currently going to bed with either Abike or Dorcas, we say repent today for the Kingdom of God is at hand, tomorrow may be too late. That’s our little piece of advice.

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