Esabod ”Ajagbemokeferi” Calls Out Lizzy Mccorth And Toxy TEE, Says The Battle Line Is Drawn

Esabod ”Ajagbemokeferi” Calls Out Lizzy Mccorth And Toxy TEE, Says The Battle Line Is Drawn

Esabod has once again thrown down the gauntlet has she used her Friday live-show to treat the f-ck up of the Omo Aye group and their supporters who openly say they are white,red and black witches who go about threatening all the Omo Ewe group and other people in the world.

As her birthday ceremony is just a matter of weeks away, Esabod today used the show to openly castigate and lambast the evil ones.She actually played the video of one of the acclaimed angels of darkness who go out to attack chidren of God in the wee hours.Esabod who was visibly angry rained curses on the lady as she said people should remove their family picture as these people use these pictures to perpetrate their evil.

The queen of herbs also used the occassion to call out all the evils ones hiding under the name Omo Aye as she reminds them of the fact that it’s only God that’s ominipotent and ominipresent;Esabod says the Only God she serves reigneth supreme.

Dare-devil Lizy Mccorth who openly says she’s a witch said her salvation rests with the withcraft and sorcery.Esabod also used the show to call out on Abike jagaban and her cohorts to desist from their evils ways as they are not profitting from there evil ways and nocturnal activities.

Esabod also expressly tells her teeming viewers that the Lizzy Mccorth belongs in AJ team and displayed her picture with Toxy TEE to back her claim.

The undisputed queen of herbs in Europe also advised pastors who are not called of God to stop preaching on social media in their own interest as these eveil ones have devised various means of ”getting them” on social media.

She reminds them of the fact that God says no witch should live and that she’s more than reday to fight to the end.

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