Bilateral Relations: China Strengthens Media Ties With Nigeria.

Bilateral Relations: China Strengthens Media Ties With Nigeria.

China has promised to strengthen bilateral relations with Nigeria by enhancing media corporations between both countries.

China would in the new exchange provide training for Nigerian journalists.

The Asian giant would also provide technical support and assistance required to enhance the work of journalists in Nigeria.

Vice Minister of Information of State Council, Peoples Republic of China, Guo Weimin stated this at a media dialogue with top Media Executives in Abuja on Thursday.

Weimin who is currently on a state visit to Nigeria welcomes the idea of stronger media collaboration between his country and Nigeria; arguing that it would further improve mutual understanding especially economic corporations between the two countries.

He said even though China and Nigeria are miles apart, his country longs to establish stronger ties especially media corporations with Nigeria to give Nigeria and indeed the rest of Africa a first hand opportunity to see China.

“We welcome partnership with Nigerian media. Our heart and our feeling are very close even though we are time zones apart. We consider Nigerian people as very friendly, and the relations is very
good and important,” he said.

China’s offer to train Nigerian journalists as well as provide the technology to make their job easier is in response to requests from seasoned Nigerian journalists drawn mainly from the Nigerian Guild of Editors.

Speaking, President, Nigerian Guild of Editors, Olufunke Adenike believes Nigeria has a lot to learn from the China example.

She believes the quickest way to experience China’s phenomenal growth is for the Nigerian media to work closely together and partner with organizations in China.

“Working with China there is so much we can achieve together, hoping that today is the beginning of that great journey”, she said.

China is the largest trading partner with over 130 countries and the fastest growing economy in the world; even though it continues to humble
itself as a developing country and a work in progress.

China’s fortune is however made possible through years of sacrifice and hardwork; a product of the vision and commitment of the Great Chinese Communist Party which according to Charles Onanuju, Director, Centre for China-Nigeria Studies is enriched with Chinese characteristic.

“There is so much Nigeria can do with China and the relations has great potential to change the world,” he said.

Managing Editor, Nation Newspaper, Yusuf Alli welcomes robust media collaboration with China and even though he is skeptical China’s brand of communism could ever flourish in Nigeria, he believes the country could provide the cutting-edge needed to take journalism in Nigeria to the next level.

Convener and Chairman Leadership Newspaper, Dan Nda-Isaiah looks forward to greater media relations with China.

He calls on China not to only bother itself with economic power but to also take the lead and a much more decisive role in world politics beginning with using its influence to rein in North Korean President, Kim Jung Un over his penchant for firing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) thereby threatening peace in the Korean Peninsula.

“China has a decisive role to play to stop the Lunatic in power, the young man in North Korea is who plays with missiles as if he is playing with toys”, he said.

China shares the largest border with North Korea as well as the largest trade partner.

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