Beware! Abike Jagaban And Dorcas Have Not Gone Their Separate Ways!

Beware! Abike Jagaban And Dorcas Have Not Gone Their Separate Ways!

It’s no longer news that the two major kingpins terrorising the social media space in the UK and indeed the whole of Europe have parted ways and that both have vowed never to interact again, but their opponents should not heave a sigh of relief yet as it now appears to be a publicity stunt from these two daredevils.

According to our investigations, the duo who openly parted ways a couple of days ago when they went on live shows to denounce each other may have done so in order to remain relevant in the scheme of things especially during this yuletide period.

We gathered that though Dorcas Adeyinka better known as lady ‘Polo D’ has vowed never to have anything to do with her erstwhile confidant and accomplice because according to her “she now born-again and wants a clean life”, everything she’s said regarding the falling out of the duo is just a make-believe.

Recall also that the duo started throwing shades at each other immediately after they claimed to have parted ways during their live shows, City News sources say we should not be in a hurry to celebrate as they both are up to something sinister.

City News would like our readers to remember this is not the first or even the second time these two have said they’re going their separate ways only for them to come back together and even stronger.

A cross-section of the fans of the people they have bullied over the years are also greeting the purported separation of the Union with utmost caution as many are of the belief that they’re more into blood covenant and can’t go their separate ways.

Well, it’s still early days to say what is really happening here but don’t day City News didn’t tell you when you see the two rolling together again. We promise to keep you updated as events unfold.

For now, we say have a lovely Xmas and a prosperous new year.

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